NJ Pool Openings & Pool Closings

NJ Pool Openings & Pool Closings

PM Pool Service opens and closes thousands of in-ground pools for residential, municipal and commercial customers throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. Proper pool preparation for the winter season ensures that when warm weather arrives your pool will be ready to be opened before the pool season starts.

Pool Openings

When it’s time to open your pool count on the experts at PM Pool Service to do the job right. We’ll re-install accessories such as diving boards, ladders, handrails, lights, pool cleaner, etc. And we’ll reassemble filter and pumps, including replacement of gaskets and/or seals if needed (parts not included), and perform a complete water chemistry check.

Pool Closings: Protect Your Pool in Winter

When the summer season ends, PM Pool Service winterizes the pool equipment and all of the pool lines and adds necessary chemicals to the pool. A properly closed pool ensures a stress-free opening next season. Our services include lowering the water level in your pool accordingly; draining your pool’s filtration, heating and pumping equipment; blowing out filtration lines and equipment and installing winter plugs; removing the pool sweep and storing it on your property; covering the diving board; installing ice protection container in the skimmer and covering the filtering equipment with plastic.

Cover Watch Service

For an added measure of protection and to ensure that your pool survives the winter months in style, we also recommend our Cover Watch Service to minimize and even prevent winter damage to the pool and equipment from freeze, snow and ice.

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