Summer Valet Services

Summer Valet Service: Weekly Pool Maintenance

Maximize your leisure time with our summer Valet Service. Let PM Pool Service’s expert technicians take care of regular maintenance so you can enjoy every minute of your pool without the hassles of cleaning, chemical checks, vacuuming, brushing and servicing your pool. During pool maintenance, we’ll also be on the lookout for any emerging problems so they can be addressed early and with less expense.

Our Summer Valet Service includes:
  • Pool vacuumed as needed
  • Pool surface skimmed as needed
  • Filter backwashed as needed
  • Leaf baskets cleaned
  • Pump basket cleaned
  • Pool equipment operation inspected
  • Pool walls, floor and tile brushed as needed
  • Water tested with each visit (Chemicals will be added as required to balance the pool water chemistry.)

After each maintenance visit by an experienced PM Pool Service technician, a written report will be issued to you detailing water testing results, what chemicals were added to the pool, and if any special maintenance or repairs should be considered to keep your pool in top working order.

Our service technicians have years of experience providing reliable service to our customers. They’re responsible for the care and maintenance of the most beautiful swimming pools throughout Northern and Central New Jersey, as well as some of the busiest!

Summer Valet Service subscribers receive priority scheduling when special service calls are requested.

Contact PM Pool Service now to order our Summer Valet Service. Call (908) 845-8200 or fill out our contact form.

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